Hi, my name is Kellie and welcome to Intuitive Tarot. I am a Tarot Instructor, Mentor, Intuitive reader, and master Reiki healer. I have been reading Tarot cards professionally for over 10 years for family friends and strangers alike via the internet all over, near and far. My fascination with Tarot cards and all things Spiritual started when I was around 12 but it wasn't until my 30's that I embraced my true soul's purpose and embarked on the wonderful world of Tarot. Along the way, I was very much drawn to Reiki where I became a certified Usui practitioner and Angelic Reiki Master. I have a deep passion and respect for the art of Tarot enabling me to connect with my cards at a higher level of consciousness and The Divine helping to uncover life's many questions and mysteries as well as offering guidance,  advice, wisdom and peace to apply in our daily lives when decisions need to be made! Not answers. My clients take with them a feeling of empowerment, confidence and most importantly a sense of well being after receiving their Tarot reading. I am a firm believer that a Tarot reading should be uplifting and healing, always.

It is my desire to help bring love and light into your life and surroundings via The Tarot and I look forward to connecting with you in the future.